My name is Jaron van Dongen and I work as a freelance audio engineer. Combining front of house, monitor/IEM, system design and studio jobs.

Uniting pre-production, technical fulfilment, trouble shooting, tourmanagement jobs, and last, but in my view the most important, musical creativity in mixing. I try to have a wide eye on the multiple views there are in large productions and keep everything connected and communicating with each other.

I am familiar with lots of venues and festivals in the Netherlands, as well in Europe. I’m used to work with analog and digital consoles, all kinds of sound systems, within a wide variety of music genres.

After four years of study, I graduated in 2011 at Music Technology & Performance at the Utrecht School of Arts, NL and received the title Bachelor of Music.

If you have any questions or looking for a live or studio audio engineer, please give me a call or send me a message!
Jaron van Dongen

Phone: +31-6-45728074
Mail: info [at] jaronvandongen [dot] com